(gasp) Time flies!

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Spring Knitting

It’s been a wildly weird year. Strange weather. Bad weather. And another devastating tornado in Oklahoma. I wish we could help them tonight.

I was taking photographs of my spring knitting projects this afternoon when I heard the news:


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Snow in May!

And the Snow Girls aren’t happy!

They're not gonna like this!

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Picking up sticks

Linen Stitch Table Runner

Linen Stitch Table Runner

This has been a pretty bad year so far. It’s been nearly 2 months since my last post announcing the advent of what came to be known in our family as The Devil Flu. It attacked all of us and my mother in law didn’t make it. Two weeks into it, she got pneumonia and a month ago she died.

There isn’t much I can say here.  But, I wanted to let people know what the background is to my silence. And with such a dramatic change, things are in a state of some unpredictability.  I WANT to get back to regular posting. But, we’ll see.

Luckily there’s my knitting. And in the days before the flu, I started a couple of projects.  One is the Table Runner pictured above.  The other is this Biased Scarf:

Bias Scarf

It doesn’t make sense (or does it?) to make pledges and commitments right now. I really don’t know what my future holds. Or how to picture it.

But, I’ll say this much, I’m planning to keep a journal of what I’m doing each day. I feel like I missed A LOT by letting that go these last couple of months. I remember the big stuff, but a lot of what has happened since that flu hit is gone forever. I don’t want that to happen again. Even when it’s bad stuff. I want to get it back.

And as part of that, I hope to post here. I’ve GOT to get a grip on my weight and my health and my future. …. And using this site as a place to contemplate the positive has worked pretty well in the past.

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Flu: The state of my world

It’s actually right on schedule.  It never fails that when I start making progress in a new direction, my body rebels with whatever tools it can grab.

It won’t work.  I’ll be back. ….

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