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Eat 4 Today – The Commitment. Tomorrow is Today in Australia

I’m not going to take seconds and I’m not going to eat between meals. Just Today. And I’m going to try it for a year to see what happens.

I’m a little more than halfway through this experiment of mine. And the one day at a time thing is working so well — it’s way more effective than I ever dreamed.

Diets in the past took all my concentration and thought. Every second felt like a punishment. And the only thing that gave me pleasure were the dreams of how much weight I was losing. So during those ‘plateau’ times, I was totally miserable. I was suffering (it seemed) for no reason; the diet felt useless.

When not dreaming of weightloss, I’d be dreaming of what I was going to eat that night. Counting calories and trying to figure out if I could ‘afford’ to eat a candy bar or snack.

The Eat 4 Today commitment is totally different.

I am not punishing myself. I eat what I want at meals (yes, I do measure my servings). I eat dessert now and then.

And as a result, my mind is free to think about other projects. A DIET is not my life. And I am not afraid of burning out — this really is something I could do forever.

Except that I’m doing it Just Today.

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On a totally different topic, today a woman I work with told me that she was going to start watching what she eats — tomorrow. What do you think I told her?

Just 4 Today: February 24, 2006

Just 4 Today, I will drink my 2 liters of water — In fact I’m tempted to bring a 3rd liter because I’ve been finishing my 2nd bottle at about 2:30pm (hmmm). For those of you interested, I’m starting to think that the combination of my Commitment (see the article below this) and the 2 liters of water is a very powerful weightloss engine.: My weight has been dropping almost fast enough to see in the two weeks that I’ve been relentlessly consistent.
I’m hoping to be able to do some distance walking next week — and Wow, it should really fall off then!

Please take a look at the Commitment article (below) and then tell us: What are you going to do Just Today?

Eat 4 Today – The Commitment. Just Today

I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. Just Today and I’m going to try this for a year to see what happens.

If you’ve been wavering about how this commitment thing works, today would be a great day to try it. All you have to do is eat your regular meals. And that’s all.

In between meals, as you reach for that salty snack or sweet treat, take a second to ask yourself, “Is this a meal?” or “Have I eaten already?” And if you don’t get the right answers then – Just Today – don’t eat that snack.

It’s easier than you think, because every 5 hours or so it’ll be time for a meal — and you can eat whatever you want! Really for a plan, it’s the best. But, you’ll never know for yourself if you don’t try it.

Just Today.

Just 4 Today: February 23, 2006

Just 4 Today I’m going to drink my 2 liters of water and test my blood sugar with great regularity (just now, 1/2 hour after breakfast – 7am, it’s 150). I wish I could promise vist the Migun massage beds, but they’re just too far off the highway and I know I won’t do it.

But for those of you close to one of their storefronts — it’s well worth a visit (FREE!)