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E4T – Exercise Blog: Take relaxing stroll down your hallway or around the living room

It’s Friday!! And I’m going to add my two cents to the dueling Commitment-Rants after I go to couch for a bit of rest.

But before my couch, I’ll do my walking — 5 minutes on the half-hour.

I’m goin’ walkin’ . . . . .

Just 4 Today: March 31, 2006

Just 4 Today, I will walk 3 miles and drink 2 liters of water. (yesterday, I forgot to take off my pedometer after work.b It turned out I walked 3/4 mile during my E4T Exercise Blog walking/marching!!)

Eat 4 Today – The Commitment. The Commitment is not one size fits all.

I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. Just Today. And I’m going to try this for a year to see what happens.

In his rant yesterday, Customizing the Commitment DuctapeFatwa said,

The Commitment is not one size fits all. kbird’s Commitment is so familiar to us, it has become like the mantra it is to her: She will not eat between meals and she will not take seconds. That is the Commitment she needs. It may not be the Commitment you need.

katiebird is fighting a double-whammy of a dietary Enemy: diabetes and obesity. My hat is off to her, as you can see, even one is a struggle for me.

We do not all have the same Enemy, nor combination thereof. Therefore, we will not all have or need, or should we attempt to have the same Commitment.

I would like to especially stress this for lurkers and new people, who may look at katie’s Commitment, and say, oh but no, I —.

Never mind that. You are not katie, you are you. The essence of the Commitment is not the exact terms of katiebird’s practice of not eating between meals or taking seconds. The essence, the true meaning, the spirit of the Commitment, is control.

Me (katiebird) again:

“. . . the spirit of the Commitment, is control,” and the engine that drives it is doing it just today and trying it for (some period of time).

The Commitment isn’t a one-off Just 4 Today promise. The Commitment is a last-ditch effort to make a life-saving change. Whether it’s my exact Commitment (which I highly recommend for those fighting obesity) or a pledge you’ve crafted for your personal situation, The Commitment represents your will to live: just today, and into the future.

I can tell you from personal experience that typing my commitment every morning has become one of the most important parts of my day. I don’t know how it works, but it feels more like a part of me since I’ve started typing it out.

Have you made a commitment? Would you feel comfortable posting it here each morning? Would it make sense for this to be a place where everyone posts their commitment each morning in their first comment?

Customizing the Commitment, contributed by DuctapeFatwa

Just4today I committed a grievous and alarming sin. It began with another new (new to me anyway) product, called Snackwell’s Devil’s Food Cakes.

Touted on the box as being fat free or some such, the label did not look bad. For every devil’s food cake, 7 sugars, (and 50 calories for those endeavouring to reduce the flesh). The picture on the box reminded me of a product of yore, of the same name, manufactured by the Nabisco Company. In fact, the picture on the box looked identical to what had, back in those olden days, been my very favorite American cookie product, consisting of, as one would imagine, devil’s food cake, with a very very thin layer of marshmallow cream atop the cake, and the entire confection covered in a semi-hard chocolate shell, unlike any other chocolate covered or “enrobed” product I have known, before or since. Continue reading »

E4T – Exercise Blog: Walking and Talking and Lifting and Stretching. Also, an Open Thread.

I meant to post this 20 minutes ago, but just as I was about to publish, we got shaken by a gigantic thunder clap and BAM everything shut off for just long enough to wipe the post clean away!

It doesn’t matter — We can walk on the hour as well as the half. Post your progress here.