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A Baggie of sliced apples appeared in the fridge! — The E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar

It’s not that unusual, but I’m running late. I open the fridge to get my sandwich and right next to it was a baggie of sliced apples!
Since I didn’t go to the store after work last night to buy my favorite sweet bell peppers, this is FANTASTIC!

And the Dole-5-A-Day link, is Fun Fruit Facts.

May 31, 2006 – Just 4 Today

3 things I know I can do today:

  1. Walk 3 miles
  2. drink my fiber supplement twice (I’ve done it once)
  3. drink two liters of water (I’ve drunk 1/2 liter)

ITAM? HIAE? Two simple questions will change your life.

I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. Just today.h And I’ll try this for a year to see what happens.

Is this a meal? Have I already eaten? Asking these two questions have kept me from eating more empty calories than anything else I’ve ever done. And it’s funny — they look like such simple questions. But they’re so easy to forget.t Even now after almost a year of following The Commitment, I find myself absent-mindedly reaching for a bag of salty snacks or the freezer door.

Last year I didn’t have anything stopping me from opening that bag or scrounging through the freezer. I wrote about my old snacking habits last month and I should reread that story whenever I feel discouraged.0 Because I may have a bad moment here or there, I may not be as strong as I like but now I have a little voice in my head asking two simple questions that keep me more-or-less on track.

You may not be ready to competely stop eating between meals or taking seconds. But would it help at all if you asked those questions before you did?o Asking the questions might not stop you from eating. But, maybe it would give you just enough time to decide you really want it.r And that would make it a much more enjoyable treat than if you ate it thoughtlessly.

But asking the questions could save you a couple hundred calories a day. Or more.

My backup plan, the E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Today’s tragedy is that I totally forgot to buy my package of sweet bell peppers this weekend. This upset me so much that I just had a brief vision of leaving for work early to buy them this morning.a Luckily I got past that idea pretty quickly and remembered the diner up the street makes a great fruit salad. Or even a regular vegetable salad.0 Or possibly a taco salad!

And the link for the day is, Spunky Vegetable Pizza — recipes for kids from the Dole 5 A Day site!

May 30, 2006 – Just 4 Today

Just 4 today, I’ll stay awake and get ready and drive to work. And that’s enough of a challenge for me today.e Do I really have to drink 2 liters of water and walk 3 miles and take my fiber supplement twice (I’ve already taken it once, is that enough?) And what if I didn’t go to work?p Could I just go back to bed instead?

(sigh, OK. OK)

Just 4 today, I’ll drink 2 liters of water and walk 3 miles and take my fiber supplement (I’ve taken it once already) and bring my camera and exercise packet to work.h And think about posting photos of myself learning one of the exercises.

Is that good enough for you?