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Are you looking for something to read?

I’m getting rid of books and I finally decided that I’d just sell them in the boxes their in. So there are some weird groupings.

So far I’ve posted 3 auctions on eBay (it’s time consuming — I’ve been typing all afternoon!):

16 books King, Roberts, Perry, Kleypas, Michaels, more!

5 E.M. Delafield, The Provincial Lady…

15 books, Nora Roberts, Winspear, Lipman, much more!

Health Care for Everyone. What can one person do to make it happen?

I’m working on a project to develop public awareness (and build grassroots interest) in the national health crisis and our options. While I’m personally committed to the Single-Payer solution, I am even more committed to supporting any legislation or program that will lead to any method of delivering Universal access to health care as soon as possible.

To that end, I’m planning a series of educational events in my congressional district — the Kansas 3rd District. The district includes 3 counties, Johnson (a mostly suburban community), Wyandotte (An urban community with a large Hispanic population) & Douglas (historically a college town). And I’d like to have an event at a public library in each of the three. And I’m wondering if you could help me?

I think these sessions would be much more effective if REAL experts on the Health Care crisis — especially the single-payer option — did the presentations. I’ve got passion and commitment (good for organizing), but not the deep grounding in the details that I think would be most effective for this project. But, I don’t know how to find these experts.

I’m looking for someone who would be interested and able to do these educational sessions once a month through the spring (and maybe longer if interest builds) in each of our 3 counties. Do you have suggestions for where to go or who to ask?

If you’re in the Kansas City/Lawrence area would you be interested in helping out?

I don’t think we have a hope of seeing progress on this issue until more voters become aware of the advantages of Single-Payer or Medicare for All. And I don’t want to sit around any longer waiting for something to happen.

December 29, 2006 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logoJust 4 Today, I’ll drink my fiber supplement twice (I’ve drunk it once), drink 2 liters of water (one glass!), weigh myself ( :( ), and NOT eat between meals and NOT take seconds.

It’s so good to be back — and I’ve been being good, too! How about you?

My Daily Affirmation

Just today, I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. And I’ll weigh myself and use the tools of The Hacker’s Diet to help me reach (and keep) my goals.

December 28, 2006 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logoJust 4 Today, I’ll drink my fiber supplement twice, drink 2 liters of water, weigh myself, and NOT eat between meals and NOT take seconds.

I think this blogging break has helped.

But I’m ready to get back in my routine. Are you ready?