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March 31, 2007 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logo Just 4 Today, I’ll take my fiber supplement twice, drink 2 liters of water and weigh myself (done). And walk 3 times today for 15 minutes each time (3415!).

The weight is holding totally steady at 165. So I guess I balanced out the slightly extra large serving of dinner last night with the sightly more walking I’ve been doing all week. I’m reminding myself that this control is the most important thing. It’s way more important for me to learn control than to be losing weight.

Still, I’m a little worried about what will happen when Lent is over. I gave up chocolate for Lent. And that’s kept me out of trouble more days than I could possibly admit.

I’ll have to come up with something to replace it. Maybe give up chocolate as long as we’re in Iraq? That could last the rest of my life….

What are you trying to control? Just Today?

My Daily Affirmation

Just today, I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. And I’ll weigh myself and use the tools of The Hacker’s Diet to help me reach (and keep) my goals.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating is an interesting YouTube video series by UrgeIt. There’s virtually no staging or editing. He’s an older man (maybe my age) sitting on a chair, possibly in his kitchen, with a towel or something hanging on a hook behind his head. And some bottles off to the side. Sometimes his head and face aren’t completely on camera.
Still, he’s thinking about the sorts of things we talk about here and I thought I’d share some of them here now and then.

I was pretty nervous watching #1 which focuses on the benefits of coconut oil. And he acknowledges that this idea makes people nervous. He discusses some of the history of coconut oil as a food additive for pigs. (If anyone knows more about coconut oil, please share it. I’m going to see what I can find out too)

The second one (Healthy Eating #2) isn’t so radical — at least I didn’t think so.  He discusses the concept of dieting and the benefits of permanent lifestyle changes instead.  Take a look and see what you think.

Sadly, he’s blocked embedding, so all I can give you is the links. )

Lunch time fake-out: One Lunch IS enough

Once again, it’s lunchtime and I finished eating about 1/2 hour ago. So why am I still hungry?

I have a pseudo-belief that my body wants to hang onto every ounce it’s got. And so, whenever it gets the chance it settles on a plateau and hangs on for all it’s worth. And it’s frustrating, discouraging, to hit one. It just doesn’t seem fair to put so much effort into watching what I eat and get (what seems like) nothing in return.

So, I was thinking about my diet plateau this morning — but in a good way for once. It occurred to me that this 3 week plateau isn’t such a bad thing to experience: Now I have a pretty good idea how much I have to eat to maintain my weight. That there isn’t room for deep fried treats like apple fritters (650 calories!) But there is room for the odd slice of bread with dinner.

And I was thinking about those numbers I wrote about yesterday. And that if I want to listen to what they’re trying to tell me, I’ll get a pretty good idea of what I need to do to jump-start my weight loss again.

Because it just wouldn’t be that hard to make significant changes:

  1. Walk 1 extra mile (for almost 100 calories)
  2. Don’t eat that piece of bread with dinner
  3. No more graham crackers


That’s it. If I just do that everyday, I’ll start to lose weight. Except that my body REALLY doesn’t want to give up a single ounce.

What is your lunch time fake-out?