Just 4 Today – Rolling Along

Just today, I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds. And I’ll weigh myself and use Nutribase and the tools of The Hacker’s Diet to help me reach (and keep) my goals.

And Just 4 Today, I’ll drink my fiber twice, drink 2 liters of water , walk 5 miles, NOT eat between meals & NOT take seconds.!! Walking — that’s the plan!

I know – I’m here, I’m NOT here, I’m back and I’m gone again.  I’m so sorry.  I had to leave town rather suddenly and I should have posted that news here.  We were at a cabin in Wisconsin and almost completely cut off from civilization.  But I’m BACK.  This time for a while.

One thing I did while I was gone was keep a notebook of intentions and plans.  And it worked really well.  Every evening I wrote down a list of goals for the next day and the stuff we needed to buy to accomplish those goals (we had a horrible plumbing emergency and among other things we had to replace a shattered bathroom sink and the copper pipe for cold water) !!

So now I’m off for a walk.  And when I get back I’m going to work on my eating notebooks up-to-date.  See you later for that!


What are you going to do today?
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