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My new best friend

Tommy Blogging

Tommy Blogging

Trial and error

I’ve given a lot more thought to walking since I retired than I would have thought possible.  The problem is a clash-of-intent.  Mister likes to walk with me (and I with him) but, he doesn’t like to walk as OFTEN as I do.  He likes us to take the dog (and I do too) but, we don’t want the poor little guy to collapse from exhaustion. Mister’s goal is to walk aerobically for 30 minutes but mine is to walk 5-8 miles a day.

Combine all those goals with the fact that I’m spending hours and hours everyday at my parent’s house and I’m trying to spend as much hanging out & helping Mister at our own house and finding a workable routine has had me stumped.

It’s really had me worried.  But, I’ve been trying a new routine this week and I think it’s going to work perfectly:

When I get to my parent’s house in the morning I say a quick hello and take off for a walk.  When I get back I work on their housework for an hour or two.  Then I take another walk.  When I get back, I work on Dad’s project for 3 or 4 hours.  Go home (eat lunch) and whenever Mister wants, we take another walk with the dog.  Then in the summer we can add an evening walk.

So far the morning walks have been a mile each and the afternoon walk is a little over 2.  But, if I tinker with my route, I can make them all in the 2 mile range.  And with a little commitment, even a lunkhead like me can figure out a simple problem….

Keeping my eyes on the prize (Just 4 Today)

Eat4Today isn’t just about weight loss (although God knows, it’s never far from my mind) it’s about Diabetes and Nutrition and Health Care for Everyone (fuming,) AND Getting Things Done.  The Struggle.  It’s about The Struggle.

You won’t believe it but, I have gotten better about getting things done.  I’ve got a journal/diary that I carry everywhere.  It holds appointments, notes, lists and ideas.  It’s been working pretty well and I’ve kept up with the stuff my parents need. But, I haven’t used it for my own goals.

That’s going to change today.  Today I’m going to use my journal to remind myself of my daily goals and to check them off. I’ll be walking 5 miles, drinking 2 liters of water and not eating between meals and not taking seconds.

(Hugs to everyone! I’m glad to be back)

Committing? Again . . . .

Time flies when you don’t look at it closely.  Doesn’t it?

I’ve been spending most days at my parent’s house.  Cleaning their house in the morning and working on stuff with my dad in the afternoon.  Then I come home, take a walk with mister and the dog (Tommy), help with dinner & the dishes and wow — it’s time for bed!  Somewhere in that my focus and commitment to Eat4Today slide away.

What a mistake.

Things happen when I lose my focus.  Things like getting up and eating crackers and dip while completely forgetting that I’m working on a post.  A post about getting a grip.  Commitment.

Well, that’s changing folks.  I’m BACK!

What about you?  How have things been going for you lately?