Monthly Archives: December 2009

Challenging the Challenges

Just 4 TodaySo I fell down yesterday.  And that’s not a metaphor — I actually did fall down. I spent a lot of the day worrying that I’d be walk-less for a while because of it. Luckily everything seems just fine (well — I’m still half-paralyzed from the pain in my shoulder but, THAT’s another story) and I’m going to take my morning walk in a couple of minutes.

This sort of thing is typical.  Planning a diet, dreaming about the results — that’s the fun part.  The reality is that there is always something coming along to interrupt those plans.  And (it seems to me) interruptions are much more common during this time of year – The Eating Season – than the others.

So . . . Just 4 Today, I’m going to pick myself up and take a nice long walk (and another one later in the day) – measure all my portions – take my medication & supplements & drink 2 liters of water.

What are you going to do today?