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Many of us were saddened when our friend Carolyn Kay took an extended leave from posting at her excellent blog, Make Them Accountable. Well, be sad no more!  Carolyn is back (and visiting in the comments here too!!) with a new blog, Many Years Young, which is filled with the sort of links we’ve come to count on — broad range of interesting, thoughtful, NEW stories having to do with health and (often) healthy aging.

Here’s some of what I like today:

Butter Leads to Lower Blood Fats in Short Term Than Olive Oil, Study Finds

“The findings provide a more nuanced picture of various dietary fats. Olive oil has been studied very thoroughly, and its benefits are often extolled. The fact that butter raises blood cholesterol in the long term is well known, whereas its short-term effects are not as well investigated. Olive oil is good, to be sure, but our findings indicate that different food fats can have different advantages,” emphasizes Julia Svensson.

FDA Seeks Reduction in Radiation From Medical Scans

(HealthDay News) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration unveiled a plan Tuesday to reduce radiation exposure from three types of increasingly widespread imaging procedures: computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine studies and fluoroscopy

Hot chocolate a better Valentine’s choice

“Research suggests that drinking a cup of dark hot chocolate can be equated with drinking a glass of wine in protecting the heart,” Lona Sandon … says in a statement.

This is just a brief survey of the many, many posts Carolyn shared yesterday and today.  Her site is in my blogroll her so you can always find it.  And as soon as I finish moving in here, it’ll be in the Healthy Websites section too.

Thank you, Carolyn – you are an inspiration!

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