Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tuesday, finding the pattern

The knitting metaphors are working for me this week so, I guess I’ll stick with it….

One of the reasons I stopped my regular posts was that for 2 years my shoulder hurt so steadily sometimes it was all I could think about. And getting online to whine about my stupid shoulder seemed self absorbed and boring. But, I wasn’t really thinking (much) about anything else.

So it was quite a thrill to find that after knitting for about a month the pain in my shoulder is pretty much gone. I mean totally gone for hours and even days at a time!!

So how’s that for a pattern? Also, the new scarf I’m working on has a lacy edge…..

Just 4 Today, I’ll walk at least 3 miles, drink at least 2 liters of water and take my fiber supplement twice. What are you going to do today?

Monday, Crafting a plan for the future

Just for today, I’ll walk 3 miles, drink 2 liters of water & take my fiber supplement.

My doctor tells me that I need to lose 5 pounds — I GUESS so! I’d say I should lose 30. And if I do …. then I could knit myself some really cute sweaters!