E4T, How it works (policies)

Nothing’s off topic here

If I have to define this blog, I say that Eat 4 Today is a sort of on-line support group for people struggling with nutritional issues and the self-help diseases that relate to food and eating issues. Which considering how deeply food and eating issues can affect every aspect of our lives — and how every aspect of our life affects our food and eating issues — covers pretty much everything.

So, if you’re tempted to share a thought with us, but wonder if it’s Off Topic — wonder no more! We’ve got commentors waiting to talk about anything you’re interested in. All you have to do is speak up.


Each article has a (tiny little) link for comments and all visitors** can make comments to any article. If you’ve got a question or comment for an article, click on that link. Just be kind — we’re sharing intimate feelings and information here; try not to say anything you wouldn’t like to hear directed at yourself. This has never been a problem, by the way — I’m just taking advantage of this page to make it a rule.

** Thanks to Akismet, I’m not holding comments in a queue any longer. Comment spam is no longer a problem for us.


Which brings me to the next topic: Formerly all registered users were authors. But I found that some people were submitting articles without ever participating in the day-to-day discussions here.

I still very much want regulars to post articles but for now, I ask you to send me a message (katiebird@gmail.com) asking for an upgrade to your account when you’re ready to post your first story. Or if you like I can post it on your account for you if you send me a copy.

I only ask two things:

  1. That you browse through the categories and check the ones that apply to your story. That way people looking for articles on that topic can find it later. Also, once you’ve written a couple of articles, I’ll add your username to the list of contributors and you can check your name from that list as well.
  2. That you use the ‘MORE’ tag to break long stories into two sections so that the front page isn’t dominated by one story. I prefer that contributor stories break sometime before the 21st line. On the Rich Text formatting menu the ‘MORE’ tag is displayed with this icon – image of MORE tag.