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Cruising the Diet Blogs

Love that Fitness Mantra – His weekend post rocks and I’m especially impressed with his explanation of Glycemia.

The Diet Detective is covering Fast Food Calorie Bargains, Some of America’s Worst Calorie Rip-Offs, & Life “Changes” that Can Impact Your Diet.

I feel his pain: The Bear feels like an April Fool

Are you looking for friends like us? CalorieLab Calorie Counter News has a link to WeightWatchen Blogs – follow over 100 dieting bloggers as they try to get their health back on track — if you dare (and boy, am I envious of the graphic on this post!), there’s also news about the obesity level of new military recruits, the effects of a steady diet of fast food ads and (maybe) best of all — a post about Diet TV – Discovery Health.

I think it’s bits like this that keep me visiting Diet Blog (but you’ll also want to read How Diets Get Popular, Diets By Doctors & Celebrity Body-Watching):

“So, what do you do for a living?”
“Oh, I lose weight”
“Sounds like a good job!”
“Yeah, the hours are flexible, but it’s tiring work”

Cruising the Diet Blogs

It’s been a long time — too long. Some old friends are having a hard time, some seem well — gone. But there’s still a lot going on:

  • Born Squishy has had a rough time & he’s posting irregularly. If you remember his visits here last fall, stop by to give him some encouragement.

Being Thin, when enough is too much

My friend Stephanie, at Back In Skinny Jeans has written a deeply moving post inspired by the People Magazine story, “Pressure to be Thin” and the documentary and book, “Thin,” by Lauren Greenfield. Titled, “Thin” the documentary and me, she discusses her history with an eating disorder with revealing passion but a surprising lack of bitterness or blame. Ordinarily I’d put a quote or two here. But what she’s written is too personal, too intimate, for me to drag a quote out of context.

Stephanie has been a blogger-role-model for me from the beginning. While always interesting and funny, she has a commitment to healthy-self-image issues that’s unique (I think) in the diet-blog world. And because of her talent and skill, Skinny Jeans moves almost effortlessly between a funny-hip-glibness and raw-stunning emotion. Today is a day for the raw-stunning emotion. And I’ll be thinking about it for a long time.

If you or someone you love has been affected by any sort of eating disorder, you’ll want to read “Thin” the documentary and me, at Back In Skinny Jeans.

Why I’m not going to join Weight Watchers (yet)

[UPDATE]After catdog’s comments (below) I couldn’t resist finding a clip of Kirstie Alley and her magic bikini (Chronicles of celebrity weight loss) Do you want to know what I think about it? Or are you just curious too? Take a look for yourself!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a note saying that I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers if I didn’t get myself on track pretty quick. And I still think that as a threat, that’s a powerful concept. But I think it would be a mistake for me and for the future of Eat4Today.

Because I want this place to be my discussion-home for weight and nutrition and health issues. I don’t want to share my loyalty with the women in a commerical disscussion group.

Sit-up and think?

I want to use the energy that I’d spend preparing-for/participating-in/driving-to-&-from Weight Watchers meetings making Eat4Today a more lively place. A successful on-line discussion group doesn’t have to be limited like a 1-hour meeting. Since we’re jumping into the conversation at our own convenience, we could have several threads going at the same time. So that if one post doesn’t make you sit-up and think, maybe another one would.

You’ve done your part with the lively Just-4-Today discussions. Now it’s my turn to provide a little something more. And starting today, I will. That’s my renewed commitment to you.

Also, this seems as good a time as any to remind you that if you’ve got something you’d like to share, let me know and I can arrange for you to post it in your own name. Just click on the Contact Me button and let me know your idea.

We’re not all alone in this struggle for health and happiness. Let’s reach out and find each other.

Strolling through the Diet and Nutrition Neighborhood

I love visiting my friends in the diet and weight-loss world to see what they’re up to:

One of my favorites, Road To Reduction, is back with several posts (one addressed to me!!) In the questions without answers department, His most recent, What’s the Future Hold for Obese People? talks about the “stigma of being fat” and how that impacts our struggle. He’s pulled from a variety of sources addressing obesity from a social perspective, rather than a health perspective. It seems that the stigma of obesity can make it actually harder for us to control our weight. I am very glad to have ReallyTooBig back again!

Our friend, Sir Squishy at Born Squishy, is also posting regularly again. With to-do lists and videos and updates on his plans — he’s got a lot going on. [MORE]

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