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The Fun Vegetable Challenge. I dare you (The E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar)

Judging by the results of entering “Fun Vegetables” into a variety of search engines, there’s nothing particularly fun about vegetables. In spite of this you get a nearly unlimited listing of results. Here’s one horrible example: Vegetable Fun Facts, (shudder)

Ah, well — it’s more pre-bagged sweet peppers and baby carrots for me. It took me just a few minutes to wash and bag them on Sunday night and I haven’t had to think about it since! I just have to keep my Sundays disaster-free and I can have vegetables everyday for lunch.

It may not be fun and it may not be exciting, but at least I’m finding ways to make eating vegetables at lunch easy.s And that makes it one less challenge for me today.

Dreams do come true, The E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Our middle son lived with us for about 4 years after his college graduation. But he’s been gone for a year and you’d think I’d be used to our new routine. But last night as I was putting vegetables on my plate for dinner I thought, “Better save enough for the boy!” And I told mister about it because it was such an intense thought. Then I shook my head and took all the rest of the vegetables because the boy hasn’t been around at dinner time since Christmas.

So we ate our dinner and complained about the news. We talked about how much we liked the vegetables.

And just as we finished, the door rattled and the boy walked in! And he spent the entire evening with us. He and his father fixed a VCR. And I told him how I’d thought of saving some of the vegetables for him.

Bag ‘em! The E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar.

I’m back to vegetables this week, with baggies of sliced sweet peppers (red, yellow and green) and baby carrots.m I’ve got a set of each for everyday this week. This seems to be the only way to make sure I actually bring them to work.e What with everything else I’m doing before work, I never get around to chopping vegetables.

I’ve never had a problem eating vegetables with dinner, but this past month or so is the first time I’ve consistently had vegetables with lunch. And it’s almost entirely because of my commitment to the daily E4T F&V Bar story. My question is, does it make a difference for anyone else?

Waiting for Saturday and the Farmer’s Market – The E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Luckily the fridge replenished it’s supply of sliced apples, so I’m set for the day. But, I’m already dreaming of The Farmer’s Market.m Is it still too early for them to have more than flowers? I’ll let you know tomorrow what I find.

Play a Fruity Game at the Dole-5-a-day site (they’ve got a couple of dozen to choose from)

For the sake of consistency . . . E4T Fruit and Vegetable Bar, The Terror Edition

In case you’ve missed it, today Eat4Today goes live at the Kansas City, Kansas Public library:

And now that it’s too late to back out — I’m terrified. Luckily, I have another baggie of sliced apples.p So I’ve got something to eat at the bar. What about you?

Today’s Dole-5-A-Day link.

(Regular programming will resume in this spot tomorrow)