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Facing Up — The All-Powerful Food Diary

So, OK — I’m not going to eat between meals and I’m not going to take seconds and I’m going to walk for 3 miles. And yes, doing this regularly does work. The trick is in the “doing this regularly” part. And that’s where blogging helps. When I actually do my daily thought pieces (which kind of stopped during the election-season) I’m more committed. And my commitment has more power if I write down what I eat and do.

Weight Watchers is where I first learned to “Journal” what I eat. And the Weight Watcher food diaries are still helpful. It’s really nice to tuck their diary into my purse and write down my meals no matter where I am. But the written format has serious limitations compared to the computer tools that are now available.

With online and desktop diaries you can create charts of your progress, track exercise (and the calories burned) and in some — menus of regular meals and recipes.

I can’t seem to stick to just one journaling tool. I like the colorful charts of one tool and the ability to record recipes and log them as single servings in another and I love the moving-weighted-average weight chart of another. So, getting back on track is a little complicated for me as I get each of them set up for my renewed commitment. Luckily one of them has updated the software to make it easy to adjust goals (I thought I was going to have to create a New-Fake-Me.)

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May 17, 2007 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logoJust 4 Today, I’ll drink my fiber twice (YES. done), drink 2 liters of water (about 1/2), walk 5 miles (3415 — I’ve been walking 5.5 ), NOT eat between meals & NOT take seconds.

I decided to pretend I’m going in The Big Brother House (that show where they put a bunch of people in a house for the summer and they fight over what order they have to leave.)  My plan is that I’ll spend this month losing as much weight as I can in preparation for my (imaginary) entry to the house.  And then I’ll spend the summer losing weight with the houseguests.

The shows over in mid-September, so my target date for this diet plan is September 17.  That’s the date I’ve plugged into my Hacker’s Diet Plan and Nutribase to estimate the calories I should eat and the miles I should walk each day.

I got the Nutribase software a week ago — and so far I’ve lost 5 pounds.  I know, I know — it’s not real fat-loss.  Still – It’s great to see the scale move off that 165 mark for the first time in months!

The Nutribase package included digital fat-calipers & a cool body-tape-measure.  The tape measure has a way to self-anchor so a person can accurately measure themself.  But it’s the calipers that have been the most interesting.

I’ve always known that I have small bones.  And that I seem to be made up mostly of skin, fat and hair.  But there wasn’t any way to prove it to an outsider before (I once had a doctor tell me that I didn’t have to worry about bone-density because I obviously had gigantic farm-wife bones.  In a twist on the whole Cartman thing, I told him I was fat, not big boned.  But I don’t think he believed me.) Anyway, I’ve weighed 115 pounds as an adult and I could identify another 10 pounds of fat.  So I know for a fact you have to go down pretty far to hit bone.

Anyway, the calipers.  The charts all say that my BMI is 27.5.  But the calipers say that it’s closer to 41 (on average — you take it in three places.)  It’s going to be fun to see if I can get this to improve by mid-September too.

May 16, 2007 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logo Just 4 Today, I’ll take my fiber supplement (done), drink 2 liters of water (drunk about 1/2) and weigh myself (done). And walk 3 times today for 15 minutes each (3415). Oh, and log everything I eat and my walking in Nutribase.
Mornings are getting complicated.  It was bad enough when I just had to make coffee and cereal and drink the fiber all before actually getting to drink my coffee.  Now I’m logging and posting and charting every step I take.  And I think I’ll have to get up 15 minutes earlier, because something’s got to give.

I’m not complaining though.  It is a fact that when I log my food – and when I spend some time analyzing my daily progress – I stay focused.  And that focus is all it takes for me to make progress with my weight goals (hey, would this work with other projects as well?)  Since breaking that stubborn plateau, I’ve been losing 1/2 pound a day (I know this is the traditional early-days illusion — still it’s a good sign that the scale is finally moving.)

I stumbled into the bit in Nutribase where I can export data.  I’m hoping that I can use this to make the charts I want in Excel.  Or maybe even in Nutribase itself (which would obviously be better).  I’ll post my progress (good and bad) with Nutribase.

What are you going to do today?

May 15, 2007 — Just 4 Today

Just 4 Today logoJust 4 Today, I’ll drink my fiber twice (YES. done), drink 2 liters of water (about 2/3), walk 3 miles (3415 ), NOT eat between meals & NOT take seconds.

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes (yesterday I got so caught-up in my new project, I didn’t have time to post before I had to run off to work — practically in my pajamas!)

My dad bought me a copy of NutriBase 7, Clinical Edition for my birthday and it arrived on Friday. It works like building blocks.  You can identify favorite foods, and create recipes (out of them or any other food) and meals.  Or not.  It’s just that for the things you do everyday, it’s easier if you bundle them together in a way that makes sense.

Anyway, this program uses a huge database of nutritional information — the USDA, the Canadian Foodlist, restaurant info — and lots more.  Plus, I’ve added most of the off-brand stuff that we get at the Aldi Grocery.

You can post Exercises.  And Blood Sugar. And Nutrients that aren’t included in the database (like soluable fiber) and other special information (like The Hacker’s Diet Moving Weighted Average)

And there are reports to pull all that information out again.

So far, the Charts aren’t everything I’d want — but I could be wrong.  This is a huge program and I’m still getting a handle on it.  My hope is that I can export anything I need to Excel and create charts from there if I can’t do it from within the program.  But with only a few days worth of data, I’m not going to worry about it yet.

This has become pretty important to me (I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but I’ve lost 2 pounds – finally — since it showed up!) so I’ll tell you more about it as my knowledge grows.  So far, I love it!

What are you going to do today?