Stylin’ the Sheets… Cascading Style Sheets, that is

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web DesignI am having a blast!!

My friend and I met about an exciting (secret) project — we are making so much progress, I can hardly keep from talking about it!

Part of the fun is that I have the excuse to polish my skills and update my knowledge in Website Design. I haven’t ever STOPPED looking into those things but my last active project was in Shopify and that was a more closed environment with certain rigid requirements.

This new project is wide open. So I’m gathering my tools:

I’ve been reading about Web Design and CSS today. I don’t have anything dramatic to offer but here are some links and thoughts about CSS Style Sheets:

Tons of stuff here… 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding: Interesting idea for organizing different styles for same tag. I am NOT sure, I would do this but the organizing thought is interesting:

h2 { }
#snapshot_box h2 { padding: 0 0 6px 0; font: bold 14px/14px "Verdana", sans-serif; }
#main_side h2 { color: #444; font: bold 14px/14px "Verdana", sans-serif; }
.sidetagselection h2 { color: #fff; font: bold 14px/14px "Verdana", sans-serif; }<\pre>

So, with this method, we’d begin with an empty tag (in the above example, h2) then list the instances where it is used. Presumably not just IDs, but also classes.

I don’t want to get too far into this topic without mentioning Rachel Andrew and her CSS Layout News: a fabulous weekly newsletter filled with useful links to up-to-date news.

Rachel also offers online classes, CSS Layout Workshop that are VERY good. I finished the Introduction and am ready to start the Advanced set.


One of the things I love about Twitter is getting to interact with some of my heroes… Rachel is on Twitter (@rachelandrew) and so is Andy Clarke (@Malarkey).
Andy wrote my historically favorite web design book, “Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design,” which I have read to pieces. And recently, I have been trying to memorize is 5th Anniversary Edition of  Hard boiled Web Design.

So my projects are moving along. And life is good….

A New Habit or I’m Back!

14195924_10153803361836674_6471341163229262514_oIt has been years since I’ve been here — long enough ago that the backups from the original blog just don’t fit me anymore.

So. Knitting and computer stuff and food & weight issues (of course) — I am working on some projects and I want to share some of my thoughts and progress as I work on them.

This week has been full — relocating sites from one server to another — knitting a Sweater for My Sister Julie — Dealing with a failing laptop battery — setting up this blog…

I learned that I should have given my Macbook battery more attention. I’ve calibrated it every year or so but, I should have done it four times a year or more. … Now I have a replacement battery on order….

One of my projects involves OCR Scanning and I found a fabulous program — Abbyy FineReader Pro for the Mac. Before finding this program, I spent WAY too much time editing scanned documents to correct misread words. FineReader is nearly (Maybe completely? Is that possible?) perfectly accurate.

I’ll get better about saving links to share. But this is a start 🙂