Hunting an App: Text editors

Productivity week continues….

The new battery is installed in my Macbook Pro (AND working like a champ, I must say.) I’ve expanded my iCloud subscription and all my documents are now safely parked off-site. The macOS Sierra upgrade went like a breeze (once I snapped nto focus and opened the clamshell) I found a great deal (at Amazon) on a backup hard drive to replace the on that can only be read — and it’s on the way.

And this morning, I dived back into TheCSSWorkshop online class. I’m ready to make websites!!

Thus the text editors… I’m addicted to them. I have almost half a dozen on the Mac. But pretty much only Notes on the iPad. So I’m poking around to see f I can find some tempting tools:

Some reviews:

have given me a start. Maybe I’ll try a couple….

UPDATE: I just downloaded Visual Studio for Mac (what an idea!!) — it’s open source and free. And that fits my price.