Patio Blogging. Well not blogging — working though….

It was a perfect day to work on the patio. Open the umbrella, turn on the radio, unpack my supplies and dig into why the HTML file I’m working on doesn’t update the way I expect. And (as usual) it’s because the file I thought I was editing was not the file that I actually was editing. Duh.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been experimenting with some of the other editors I’ve got and I thought I’d shut down the last one before going back to Dreamweaver this morning — but I hadn’t. Then in closing it I either saved it or didn’t save it — in any case, I scrambled the files with some things saved and some lost. But it’s all sorted now.

I have to get away from Dreamweaver (my own copy of 5.5) (even though I kind of love it’s fancy features) because I cannot justify the annual Adobe subscription to keep it going. And Dreamweaver 5.5 (5 years old now) doesn’t recognize many of the HTML5 or CSS3 features that I want to use. If those features aren’t recognized, what’s the point of all the fancy bells and whistles?

So, I’m moving on. I am perfectly capable of hand coding — it’s going to be fun!

I’ve spent a lot of time today using Textastic which has versions for iOS and the Mac. Which is great. And even better — it works really smoothly. It took me about a half minute to connect to my web server and download the two files I needed. Editing/uploading/viewing was slick, really easy.

The next step is to play with the Mac version (which I’ve installed) but life intrudes….