A New Habit or I’m Back!

14195924_10153803361836674_6471341163229262514_oIt has been years since I’ve been here — long enough ago that the backups from the original blog just don’t fit me anymore.

So. Knitting and computer stuff and food & weight issues (of course) — I am working on some projects and I want to share some of my thoughts and progress as I work on them.

This week has been full — relocating sites from one server to another — knitting a Sweater for My Sister Julie — Dealing with a failing laptop battery — setting up this blog…

I learned that I should have given my Macbook battery more attention. I’ve calibrated it every year or so but, I should have done it four times a year or more. … Now I have a replacement battery on order….

One of my projects involves OCR Scanning and I found a fabulous program — Abbyy FineReader Pro for the Mac. Before finding this program, I spent WAY too much time editing scanned documents to correct misread words. FineReader is nearly (Maybe completely? Is that possible?) perfectly accurate.

I’ll get better about saving links to share. But this is a start 🙂