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Wednesday, the balancing act


So: imagining that my weight stays stable when I eat between 1400 and 1800 calories.  Then, if I eat less than 1400 calories (and/or exercise more) I lose weight. And also, if I eat more than 1800 calories (and/or exercise less) I gain weight.

And I do fine for a long time.  I stay within that range.  My average exercise keeps up with my calorie needs. All that.

But then comes the odd time.  Illness maybe.  Or stress-celebration related eating surges (say an extra 200 calories a day).

THEN (I’m just thinking) I learn that I was eating at the 1700-1800 end of my calorie range.  And when my eating surged (it pushed me right over my manageable range.  And for some weeks or months (I’m just THINKING) I’m eating 1800 -2000 calories a day.  For a while.

See how that works?  If I regularly ate at the BOTTOM of my range, 1400 -1500 calories a day then adding a couple hundred calories a day for a while wouldn’t hurt. … I WOULD have to cut back though — or I’d find myself exactly where I am.  Eventually.

The Hacker’s Diet is all about controlling that oscillation. Someone like me (whose instincts seem to be all off) has to monitor calorie use daily.  I HAVE to make those adjustments BEFORE I slide off the right side of this chart:

And that’s what I’m thinking about today. What’s going on with you?

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