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The 3415 Club: What it is, How it works

Walk 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time and with hardly any effort we’ll be walking 3 miles a day.

Here’s my original post from February 2007 (wow!)

3415, Walk 3 times for 15 minutes

I’ve come up with a cheap memory aid — the 3415 logo you see near the center of the screen.

We all know that walking regularly is a great way to get exercise. I’ve found that the more often I walk, the less I eat. I start thinking that I don’t want to “waste my walk” on a high-calorie snack. And sometimes I even take another walk to distract myself from my distructive craving. In fact, that was the first “thing” on my list of 6 things you can do to avoid snacking for the rest of the day!

Keep it short

I think the trick is to keep the walks to as close to 15 minutes as you can. We expanded them a little yesterday so we actually walked for over 1/2 hour each time. And it did seem to take a lot of the day. It was a holiday, the weather was good and we had fun — but if I was doing that on a work day, I probably would have felt guilty. The point of the 15 minutes is to make it something that can fit into your break or lunch hour.

Hey! Look at the time — I’d better take my first walk. Can you join me?

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