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Wednesday, the balancing act


So: imagining that my weight stays stable when I eat between 1400 and 1800 calories.  Then, if I eat less than 1400 calories (and/or exercise more) I lose weight. And also, if I eat more than 1800 calories (and/or exercise less) I gain weight.

And I do fine for a long time.  I stay within that range.  My average exercise keeps up with my calorie needs. All that.

But then comes the odd time.  Illness maybe.  Or stress-celebration related eating surges (say an extra 200 calories a day).

THEN (I’m just thinking) I learn that I was eating at the 1700-1800 end of my calorie range.  And when my eating surged (it pushed me right over my manageable range.  And for some weeks or months (I’m just THINKING) I’m eating 1800 -2000 calories a day.  For a while.

See how that works?  If I regularly ate at the BOTTOM of my range, 1400 -1500 calories a day then adding a couple hundred calories a day for a while wouldn’t hurt. … I WOULD have to cut back though — or I’d find myself exactly where I am.  Eventually.

The Hacker’s Diet is all about controlling that oscillation. Someone like me (whose instincts seem to be all off) has to monitor calorie use daily.  I HAVE to make those adjustments BEFORE I slide off the right side of this chart:

And that’s what I’m thinking about today. What’s going on with you?

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Tuesday, Catching up

It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve worked on this blog…. Worked on the things this blog represents too. And I don’t know about you but for me it wasn’t the smartest move in the world to walk away from it.

In the past year, I’ve continued knitting, had bronchitis about 15 times. Came right up to the edge of being diagnosed with asthma (but not,) and in the course of getting my breathing under control lost control of my weight. Well, you win some and you lose some. I guess.

So, I’m here to tell you that today is a new day. A new commitment. I’m NOT going to let my weight drift up to those killer levels (well, maybe it has. I’m also not going to weigh myself today. Sue me.) I’m going to do those things that worked so well 6 years ago when I started this blog.

Just 4 Today:

I’m not going to eat between meals and
I’m not going to take seconds.

I’m going to wear my E4T charm bracelet. And I’m going to focus on how wonderful I’ll feel in just a couple of months if I stay on this course.

For me, weight control doesn’t come easy. I get complacent and think I can get away with eating this special little thing or that treat (just today) …. and it’s true — I COULD eat those things if it REALLY was ‘just today’ but, it never is. I start liking it. And then I can’t stop.

I think a big part of my problem today is because at some point last year I started adding 1/2 & 1/2 to my coffee in the morning. It sounds so innocent — almost everyone does it. But, I’ve ALWAYS drunk black coffee. And starting the day with something so delicious (in retrospect) knocked me off the good-health-trail. Every morning began with dessert! And it just kept on going. Little pieces of candy (do you know how many candy holidays there are these days?) … Last week, I even bought 2 bags of Candy to keep handy in the kitchen!! OMG. How stupid is that?

So. Yesterday, I drank my coffee black. And today, it’s black again.

And the effect is pretty obvious — I’m here again after all — I can see clearly now.

… This is katiebird reporting her progress.

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Hey! Fattie: Eat just a little less why don't you?

If you haven’t fought it you can’t imagine the endless struggle against obesity. For me it’s like something just shuts off and I actually reject concern about my weight or health. When that little window opens I don’t care about my future. Clothes? They’ll aways fit.

I’ve been thinking about my reflection in windows though. There are few things so disheartening for a person who has struggled to lose fifty or more pounds than to catch sight of our reflection in a store-front window and discover that ALL our weight is back. It seems impossible How can that happen?

It happens because obesity is an incurable disease that goes undercover when our weight is controlled. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone. (nodding) It’s there. It will always be there. And sure, we all no that food has calories and if we eat more calories than we use, those calories will be converted to fat. So what? Continue reading »

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