The best Cat breeds Top 11 of the coolest

Top 11 of the Coolest Cat Breeds

1. Siamese

Siamese cats, commonly referred to as Meezer, are highly intelligent social cats who love communicating with their humans throughout the day and night. Additionally, these energetic felines learn quickly.

Show-quality Siamese or lilac point kittens may cost up to $3,000. A breeder typically offers wellness checks, socialization opportunities, and all necessary vaccinations for such kits.

Siamese cats can be susceptible to obesity, making regular vet visits essential in maintaining their health. Pet insurance coverage is also recommended. Siamese are great with children and make great additions to any family home.

2. Persian

Siamese cats are beloved people cat breeds, known for their deep blue eyes and sleek bodies with color patterns covering their faces, ears, legs, feet and tails (called “points”). Siamese are typically friendly cats who love being held and getting lots of attention; therefore it would not be recommended for owners who spend most of their day away from home as they can become depressed without much interaction from owners – best kept with another cat to keep company!

Siamese cats are highly active and playful pets, often sleeping next to their humans at night.

4. Himalayan

Siamese cats, also dubbed “people cats” due to their attachment to their primary owners, feature distinctively squinty eyes for an unforgettable look. Additionally, their distinctive wedge-shaped heads and slim bodies add further distinction.

Siamese cats were among the first pedigreed breeds exhibited at an organized cat show, where they quickly gained popularity. Since then, Siamese have become beloved breeds. Notable characteristics include copper-colored eyes and their affectionate personalities which include wanting to interact with owners as well as sleeping on laps.

5. Siamese

Siamese cats, with their striking lines and angles, first made their debut in Victorian England when King Siam presented Owen Gould – then consul general in Bangkok – with one. These chatty, sculptural breeds are loved by people of all ages while demanding constant attention.

Shop around until you find a breeder you trust at an acceptable price, then plan on spending hundreds annually in food, vet visits, and premium insurance to offset these expenses.

7. Siamese Longhair

Siamese cats are highly intelligent animals that can be trained to walk on leads. They love playing with toys and climbing cat trees; their slim body means it is important to monitor how much food they eat, since pot bellies may develop over time. Climbing and jumping abilities make these amazing cats truly extraordinary, not to mention their beauty: muscular bodies with deep blue eyes; ears, tail and legs colored darker than the rest of their bodies — known as color restriction or pointing.

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